Jennifer Wagler - Vice President of Human Resources and Administration, Author at Creative Edge

Direct Lines Give Quicker Access to Your CreativeOne Teams

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As part of CreativeOne’s Agent Development Organization (ADO) philosophy, we’re always looking for ways to better serve you. Our unique value proposition makes you more successful by providing you with the vast array of services you need, and that includes streamlining our phones so you can reach your team faster. With this, you’ll get better… Read More

Onboarding New Employees for Success

Once you hire the right employees for your business in 9 Easy Steps, your job isn’t done. It’s time to get them on board and acclimated with your business through a process in the human resources world known as onboarding. While it may not seem like something to stress about, it is an extremely important… Read More

Hiring in 9 Easy Steps


It’s no secret finding staff members to fit your exact needs can be difficult, but when your business is booming and you need to hire someone, it’s a task you have to face. The question is: Where do you start? Hiring the wrong person can cost you time, money and hurt your business, so it’s… Read More