Rena Nicholson - VP, Life Sales, Author at Creative Edge

Corvettes, Blind Spots and Active Policies

Life insurance policy reviews — we hear about this all the time, maybe too often.   On Google there are nearly 25 million results! So, let’s not rehash what’s generally done to evaluate life-changes-based reviews: marital status, large purchases, children, dependents, employers, beneficiaries, and so forth. Google it, there are lots of incredible resources. Let’s… Read More

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New Index Crediting Strategies on Symetra’s Accumulator IUL

Have you checked out the new Index Crediting Strategies on Symetra’s Accumulator IUL? Flexibility is a key component in any type of planning, and insurance planning is no exception. That fact alone makes the addition of new index crediting options to an already compelling IUL from Symetra a good thing. When these additions, including an index… Read More