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Protect Your Practice: Client File Record-keeping Considerations

Let’s do a compliance-inspired thought experiment. You met a married couple at a client seminar and have had a couple of follow-up meetings with them. Based on your initial discussions, it appears a fixed index annuity recommendation may be in their best interest, and you’re busy preparing some proposals for them to consider. Their grandkids,… Read More

Carrier-Specific Information for the DOL Rule

CreativeOne has been working diligently with our core carriers to obtain their requirements for June 9 through December 31, 2017. Each carrier may have different requirements and standards to show compliance. See how each carrier has prepared for the latest DOL changes >>  

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NAFA principles for use of professional designations

Document Purpose Statement NAFA fully supports producers’ continuing education efforts as this commitment benefits your clients, the companies with whom you do business and the industry. NAFA also enthusiastically supports producers’ pursuit of professional designations to further their professional abilities and knowledge. However, in recent years, the number of designations that are used by individuals and… Read More

Professional Designations are not Created Equal

Continuing education is a critical part of a producer’s practice and a great way to maximize your potential. It is also important to communicate your credentials to clients and prospects through the use of professional designations. But not all industry education programs are created equal. While many of the well-known designations (CLU, CFP, ChFC, REBC)… Read More

Best Practices for Handling Non-Resident Solicitations

Agents who live near the state line commonly serve clients that reside in the bordering state(s). Many agents even have clients who live several states away. When an agent works with a client outside of the client’s resident state, it creates what is commonly referred to as a “cross-border” or “non-resident” solicitation. Non-resident solicitations are… Read More

Dear Abby (the Insurance Regulator)

Over the last few years there have been many questions, discussions and debates over what insurance-only licensed agents are allowed to discuss with their clients – particularly when it comes to a situation that may include a securities product without providing investment advice. Can an insurance-only licensed agent talk about the S&P 500® index? Can he/she talk to clients about their current financial products, investment objectives and risk tolerance, or how annuities might fit into their overall plans for retirement when the clients currently own securities?

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