Travis Postlethwaite - Senior VP of Annuity Direct & BD Sales, Author at Creative Edge

Who really is Jonathan Lee? Hear what he can do to your practice.

Acclaimed speaker and CEO of the Foundation for Financial Education, Jonathan Lee, visited more than 40 sales offices around the country in 2017, and he’s ready to share what he’s learned with you, if you’re ready to listen to his advice. Why not come and hear what he has to say? Lee has experience turning his… Read More

It’s National Annuity Awareness Month!

As an insurance professional with in-depth knowledge of products and services available, the advantages of annuities are no surprise to you, yet they can be surprisingly hard to sell. Many clients have preconceived ideas of what they are, how they work and have some sort of second-party horror story from friends, family members or even… Read More

Protect clients’ income even if inflation increases

For the millions of boomers moving into their golden years, many are quickly discovering the phrase “this isn’t your parents’ retirement” couldn’t be truer. Traditional retirement plans were often built around the three-legged stool concept, supported by pensions, Social Security Income and savings. Yet today, those legs are wobbly at best. Defined benefit plans have… Read More