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John Hancock has long enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as a thought leader in the life insurance industry. Their Advanced Markets resources are truly best-in-class, and can help producers and advisors alike find and close more sales. The collection of resources here represents the best that John Hancock’s team has to offer, and is backed up by the full collection of resources available on JHSalesNet.

John Hancock’s collection of interactive calculators is a powerful resource for producers seeking a greater level of detail in their understanding of a topic as well as their fact finding process. All of these topics are backed up by a module of the powerful JH Solutions suite of presentation materials. For more on JH Solutions, please contact one of the Advanced Markets Consultants via the toll free number below.

  • Business Valuation: Working in the business market? This resource will help you close more sales by increasing your knowledge and credibility. Understand the terminology, valuation methods and how much a business is really worth by using this powerful resource.
  • Needs Analysis: Sometimes the biggest obstacle to a sale is not knowing where to begin. Help producers motivate their clients to take action with this easy-to-use Needs Analysis package.
  • Retirement Needs: Clients know they should save more. Help them understand exactly how much more with this interactive calculator.
  • Estate and Gift Tax Calculator: Estate planning is still alive and well for some clients. If your producers are still working in this market, these resources can help them navigate the current estate tax landscape.
  • IUL Rate Translator: Begin to answer one of the biggest questions currently facing producers: What illustrative rate should I use?
  • Cost of Care Guide: A state-by-state guide to the cost of care for those needing various levels of care. Includes the ability to drill down to specific metro areas, the type of care and the impact of inflation. An immensely powerful tool for any producer in this market.
  • Know the Law: An interactive, state-by-state guide to taxes, creditor protection and marriage recognition

We’re continually looking for ways to simplify the process and ensure you’re aware of the best resources in the industry. Give your Life Sales Team and enlist our help to take your next case to the finish line.


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