Business Accelerator Breaks Industry Standard

I’ve worked at several ad agencies throughout my career and have never been part of a more innovative program that breaks the industry standard than CreativeOne’s Business Accelerator. It launched in January and is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Everyone knows about the 80/20 rule. What’s the important thing to understand about this rule? There are certain activities you do (20 percent) that account for the majority (80 percent) of your business. Our Business Accelerator allows us to provide just that—the right level of service to the right agents.

The infrastructure that supports this program is based on a classic advertising agency model and includes a significant investment in software systems and talented, creative people to round out the Strategic Marketing & Communications (SMaC) team. Building the program in this particular way has given us the opportunity to vastly broaden our service offerings so we can truly do custom and personalized projects for our agents.

We don’t force anyone into doing anything they are not 100 percent comfortable with. If you don’t feel good about seminars, no problem. If you don’t like radio, we have other options. SMaC can do everything, from basic branding to social media and beyond.

You do know grandma and grandpa have taken over Facebook, right? We have expanded our online marketing services as well, and can put together an efficient and cost-effective plan for online marketing that dovetails with everything you are already doing to attract new business.

There are so many great things about Business Accelerator, but the best part about it is you can use your production through CreativeOne to earn credits that can be redeemed for our marketing services. These marketing credits go a lot further with us than your dollars do anywhere else, and you can even get reimbursed for marketing efforts you’re already doing. So what’s not to love?

Get started today with Business Accelerator to see how we can help you reach your potential!


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