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Old McDonald Had a Farm — and Some Outdated Life Policies

How to approach a family farming operation and ensure their current life insurance policies best suits their family’s growing needs. Here’s how one producer enlisted the expertise of his CreativeOne Life Sales Team to boost his client’s life insurance benefits and enhance his revenue.   A CreativeOne Case Study The agricultural community is fertile ground… Read More

Concierge Underwriting and the $60 Million Life Case–Part II

This is Part II of an article (Read Part I here) that details an actual life insurance case submitted and placed through CreativeOne. Names and other identifying factors have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy of the parties involved.  Concierge Underwriting to the Rescue Pete’s case presented other challenges beyond its size, namely… Read More

Concierge Underwriting and the $60 Million Life Case–Part I

The following article details an actual life insurance case submitted and placed through CreativeOne. Names and other identifying factors have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy of the parties involved. As the chaos of one of the nation’s busiest airports buzzed around him, “Pete” relaxed in the terminal on a May afternoon waiting… Read More

“I Gotta Guy” With Prostate Cancer

Life insurance placement policy - prostate cancer

#2 Cause of Death in Men, But Not a Foregone Life Insurance Conclusion Many men think purchasing life insurance is not possible following prostate cancer detection and treatment, but for some the option to purchase life insurance is a not a foregone conclusion. As you encounter potential clients with a history of elevated PSA or… Read More

“I Gotta Guy” Who’s Not Financially Justified?

If not handled properly, financial matters can create sticky situations both in our personal lives and our professional ones. Whether determining how to pay the bills or how a business is going to protect its interests, individuals and families have lots of important financial decisions to consider. If you have business owner clients, one of these financial decisions may be to purchase key person insurance on an employee who’s crucial to the success of the organization. Yet proving the need and being able to financially justify the amount of coverage desired is an important component of the underwriting process for any business case. As the agent, it’s critical for you to have the knowledge and know-how to step in and get the policy placed.

Breathing Life Into Life

October 2 2012

by Creative Life Sales Team

From the time we are born through our time growing old, we’re constantly expanding our minds and learning new things. Whether taking our first steps, earning our diploma or settling into retirement, we must adjust to changing circumstances and adapt to life as we know it. Many people attribute this to the never-ending process of education. As American philosopher John Dewey once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” And nowhere is this more evident than in the life insurance business.

“I Gotta Guy” With Family History

Nature or nurture? The age-old debate has raged on for decades regarding just how we’re impacted by our genetics and our environment. As scientists continue making breakthroughs in DNA testing, we’re starting to better understand how our genetic makeup – and therefore our family ties – affects our health. Some 20 years ago in the insurance business, family history had little to do with underwriting outcomes. Today, this critical component of an individual’s overall picture of health is one that needs to be investigated and well-documented to ensure favorable offers are generated for every client.

“I Gotta Guy” With A Rated Case

We all know that the sole purpose of life insurance is to fulfill a financial need, whether that be for estate purposes, business planning, personal income or otherwise. You’re working hard to help clients meet those needs and prepare for what’s to come in life by streamlining the process of application through placement and presenting the best possible offers. So what should you do when things just don’t go your way?

“I Gotta Guy” With Metabolic Syndrome

April 17 2012

by Creative Life Sales Team

Life insurance placement policy - prostate cancer

“I Gotta Guy” With Ulcerative Colitis

In working with clients who have chronic conditions, it’s important that you understand and manage their expectations – just as they have to understand and manage their symptoms. Certain types of these conditions are highly treatable and can result in strong offers from carriers, but it’s critical that you perform due diligence in learning about the client’s individual situation and outlook. Ulcerative colitis, commonly referred to as UC, is an example of one we are starting to see more frequently on applications from our agents.