Rob Hagg - Executive Vice President of Sales, Life and Integrated Financial Services, Author at Creative Edge

Growing the Next Generation of Professionals

Our profession is facing one of the greatest challenges it has ever seen. With the decrease of insurance professionals and qualified wealth managers, our pool of industry professionals is shrinking. In this decade, we’ve witnessed the number of U.S. financial advisors falling for five consecutive years.1 Unfortunately, with the lack of advisors in the marketplace,… Read More

Earn CE Credits & Boost Insurance Opportunities

As a former producer, earning CE credits is a necessary chore for our profession. How many times have you sat in a class and thought … how is this relevant to my practice? How will this help me grow my business? Your time is limited. What if you could attend CE classes that also delivers ideas… Read More

Nate Van Peursem Hired as Life Sales Relationship Manager

Picture of Nathan Van Peursem - Life Insurance

CreativeOne announced today Nate Van Peursem has joined the team as a life sales relationship manager in the Phoenix area. Nate’s roots in the industry have proven to be invaluable because of how he can assist his advisors in every aspect of life insurance planning and sales. Nate brings years of knowledge to CreativeOne, including… Read More

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Hedging Client Risk with Life Insurance in the Portfolio

Access this non-branded chart comparing traditional assets with life insurance to use in your next client meeting. You can utilize this to better position life insurance with traditional assets. Click here to download your asset chart. Now, let’s get you a better life story … Watch this 10-minute clip featuring Eloise Glaspie, CLU®, ChFC, Agency Development Manager at… Read More

ChangePath: Show Historical Diversification to Offset Economic Volatility

ChangePath customizes one of the most powerful visuals in the investment industry using non-correlated assets and your client’s risk tolerances to develop portfolios. To quickly allocate an asset mix based on your client’s input, we utilize streamlined client risk-tolerance questionnaires and algorithms. ChangePath customizes one of the most powerful tools in the investment industry using… Read More

Start Your Life Insurance New Year’s Resolution Now!

Our industry has seen some amazing product breakthroughs, resources and interfaces this year. We’ve experienced some of the best resources in the industry ever. And, since it’s Life Insurance Awareness Month, the buzz around it is at an all-time high. So, how can we help you keep the buzz and build momentum year-round? Let us… Read More

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Power 10: Power Up Your Sales

I know your time is valuable and when you’re working, you want to be focused on clients. But in order to drive sales, you need to think bigger and seek out new opportunities. That’s why we’ve created Power 10. They’re quick (literally 10 minutes!), hard-hitting, informative concepts focusing on strategies streamlined for the time-restrained advisor… Read More

Making You Comfortable Closing the Uncomfortable Sale

If you’re not delivering 8.5 out of 10 applications, this Power 10 is for you. Join Creative’s Senior Vice President who’s closed multi-million-dollar client policies over and over again. Learn a natural delivery method to leverage the carrier offer, and overcome fear to deliver an emended offer to position you for a second sale.  … Read More

Make the Break from Captivity and Embrace Independent’s Day

The blueprint you need to transition your business with ease A life in insurance sales can be very rewarding. But living within the constraints of the career system can be challenging at the same time, which is why I transitioned from a captive agent to an independent agent. If you’ve considered transitioning part or all… Read More

Concierge Underwriting and the $60 Million Life Case–Part II

This is Part II of an article (Read Part I here) that details an actual life insurance case submitted and placed through CreativeOne. Names and other identifying factors have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy of the parties involved.  Concierge Underwriting to the Rescue Pete’s case presented other challenges beyond its size, namely… Read More