When It Comes to Dinner Seminars, Location is Everything

Always follow best practices. You hear this all the time, but the thing is, when you do, you find success. When it comes to dinner seminars, we’ve learned a thing or two, including location is EVERYthing.

Through our agents who have utilized best practices for dinner seminars, we’ve found commonalities between the separately held events and want to share our insights with you, especially if you’re considering hosting a dinner seminar.

  1. Host the seminar at an actual restaurant. This might seem like a no-brainer for a dinner seminar, but for some, it’s not. Country clubs, recreational centers, your office and hotels typically do not perform as well. We understand you can save some money by having the seminar catered in versus buying everyone dinner, but the opportunity in lost leads and/or attendance doesn’t make up for it.
  2. Pick a restaurant in well-populated area. If you select a venue in a small town next to a bigger, more-populated city, people may be less likely to come than if it was in the bigger city closer to more people.
  3. Choose a nice, popular restaurant. If people haven’t heard of the restaurant you’ve chosen, some appeal is lost, and people are less likely to go. You want to have your event at a nicer place—not super fancy, but it should be a little more upscale. If you select a run-of-the-mill restaurant, a place that is more of a bar than restaurant or someplace people aren’t excited about going to, your results are potentially going to be subpar. Always think: where would my ideal client be willing to go?

Location, location, location. Dinner seminars can bring you quality leads, but if you don’t follow the outlined best practices above, you might not get what you were expecting.

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