Complimentary Retirement Planning Software for CreativeOne Agents

Learn about the 2018 Income Maximizer (IMAX) Updates


As a CreativeOne agent, you have complimentary access to our Income Maximizer (IMAX) software. With the New Year comes change, and IMAX has several updates we want to share with you including:

  • How to uncover potential Roth conversion opportunities using IMAX’s new Bracket Tracker.
  • Understanding the new Trump tax plan.
  • How to illustrate future increases or decreases in tax brackets.


Thursday, April 5, 2018 10:30 a.m. Central

Hosted by Dennis Mattern VP of Training and Development

Featuring Brook Thomas founder of IMAX

Featuring Steve Goldstein founder of IMAX

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IMAX shows your clients when they can retire safely, using a dramatic red line to show where they might expect to run out of money if they continue with no changes in their existing plan and how taxes, inflation and hypothetical exposure to risk influences their situation, using a realistic and accurate picture.

Hope you can attend this insightful session!

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