CreativeOne App Gets a Makeover

Remember how we told you about the new CreativeOne mobile app back in July? Well, it just got better. The responsive and mobile-friendly app has recently had a makeover and is now easier than ever to use. After listening to your feedback, we’ve optimized the app with new features and a new layout that helps you access the tools you want, when you want them.

The app now includes an easily navigable menu with:

  • Business Accelerator credit information.
  • Access to Annuity Solutions Pro with full support of FireLight’s e-app solution.
  • Instant access to C1Insider.
  • Incentive trip information.

Why are these new features a big deal? Because you can access everything you would from your desktop computer, on your tablet or phone. The days of doing things when you get back to the office, and possibly losing a deal, are gone. You can know do it all wherever you have internet access.

How the new features work:

With Business Accelerator, you will be able to see how many marketing credits you’ve earned, how they have been allotted, how many you have left and how many you’re projected to earn based on your current levels of production for the current quarter. This way, you can stay on track with your yearly roadmap by using your credits.

With access to Annuity Solutions Pro from your mobile device, you can now view product profiles, carrier rates, product information, features, riders and compare products directly from the app. Even better? When you find a product you want, you can apply directly online through FireLight-supported carriers. Woo-hoo!

The new C1Insider feature lands you at CreativeOne’s new informational website that helps you stay up-to-date on the latest tax, industry and legal developments that could affect your clients and your practice.

Some features are easier to navigate on iPads/tablets because of the amount of information display, but all are compatible with your phone as well. Let the CreativeOne IT department know if you have any issues at 913.814.0510

Happy app-ing!


CP-0829 – 2016/11/XX

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