Demonstrate the potential of balanced allocation annuities with Efficient Frontier

The Annexus Research Institute has unveiled a new web-based tool that demonstrates the impact of balanced allocation annuities on a client’s or prospect’s portfolio.

Efficient Frontier, powered by Ibbotson Associates, allows users to model select retirement portfolio case studies using Ibbotson’s Efficient Frontier Framework for both accumulation and income optimization. You can run comparisons between two portfolios: a traditional stock/bond portfolio and then also includes a balanced allocation guaranteed annuity.

If you have questions about the tool, contact your CreativeOne Sales Team.

For Agent Use Only. Not for Use with the General Public.

This is merely an application or tool that is meant to help users evaluate Efficient Frontier to illustrate downside income risk versus accumulation return and residual wealth based upon the data entry. This is not intended to provide investment advice. It is meant to model and analyze the data entry based upon the specifications, variable portfolio calculations and design of the tool and is meant to illustrate possibilities and scenarios for financial professionals and advisors to share with their clients as a learning tool.

The illustrations generated are powered by the Wealth Forecasting Engine, an application developed and owned by Ibbotson Associates, Inc., and licensed by the Annexus Group for use. Ibbotson shall not be responsible for investment decisions or any related damages/losses resulting from the use of the Wealth Forecasting Engine, including any information contained therein. Past performance does not guarantee future results. The use of the Wealth Forecasting Engine and any product provided by Ibbotson should not be construed as a solicitation, endorsement or recommendation to buy or sell a security. The use of the Wealth Forecasting Engine and any product or information resulting therefrom should not be construed as investment advice or any other type of advice.

IMPORTANT: The dynamic output and displayed information is modeled and generated based upon the possible investment outcomes using efficient and new efficient frontier calculations, which are hypothetical in this model and do not reveal actual investment results. Furthermore, there is no guarantee of future results. Other investment scenarios not entered or considered may influence outcomes not analyzed in this model. Outcomes and results will vary per use, over time.

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