Fast-Track Applications & Speed-up Revenue

A streamlined approach for underwriting and placement. It’s time to move faster with Principal Accelerated Underwriting

One of the biggest challenges in life insurance is the lengthy underwriting process. Anytime you can streamline that process and get the insured a policy quickly is a win — that’s where Accelerated Underwriting comes in.

Accelerated Underwriting from the Principal Financial Group provides you with a streamlined approach that improves the underwriting process through faster underwriting decisions within 48 hours along with the elimination of lab testing and paramed exams for 50-60%* of applicants who qualify. This underwriting opportunity is good for Principal’s Term, VUL, IUL and UL. Watch a quick video now!

What benefits are there with Accelerated Underwriting? Here are five:

  • No medicals if the insured qualifies.
  • The insured can complete the interview at the same time the TeleApp is taken.
  • They disregard family history of cancer of the opposite sex—for example, breast cancer for a male applicant, prostate cancer for a female.
  • If approved by the interview, the policy could be issued within a week, whereas conventional underwriting can take 45-60 days.
  • Agent can get paid quicker!

Here’s the 3-Step Process:

3 Step Process - Accelerated Life Insurance Underwriting













Take advantage of this opportunity and download the Step-by-Step Guide and Client Checklist. Call your Life Sales Team today to learn about additional expedited underwriting opportunities that could help make life insurance placement more efficient.

Meet Mary, Life Sales Consultant

When it comes to follow up and follow through, advisors can consistently count on Mary to quickly track down answers efficiently and accurately. Her innate ability to analyze medical transcripts, determine how a client’s health can exceed minimum qualifications and have in-depth conversations to help change an underwriter’s line of thinking are irreplaceable. Her heightened ability to craft client solutions with case design, running competitive illustrations or helping advisors understand alternative ways to utilize insurance products have helped advisors across the country.

*Source: Principal Accelerated Underwriting Program Overview, based on age and face amount requirements.



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