Great American adds two new products

New fixed-indexed annuities offer a competitive bonus to help cover your clients’ accumulation and income needs.


Premier Bonus

  • Offers a 5.75% bonus on all purchase payments. The bonus is added to the account value immediately and fully vested after the seventh contract year!
  • Who might be interested? Consider clients looking to accumulate more assets or make up for market losses.

Premier Income Bonus

  • Includes a built-in rider with an 8% rider bonus, 8% rollup rate and 10-year rollup period (annual charge of 1.15%).
  • Who might be interested? Consider clients looking to maximize their retirement income opportunity.

Both products offer

  • A simple design with no hidden fees or surprises
  • Early withdrawal charges and market value adjustments that end after seven years
  • The option to add additional purchase payments during the first two contract months
  • Principal protection and competitive earning potential with caps up to 6.50% and participation rates up to 50%
  • The backing of a company that’s rated “A” Excellent by A.M. Best and “A+” by Standard & Poor’s.

Product Training

NAIC training must be completed prior to your first sale. You may access the training here. If training is not completed, commission will not be paid and new business will be rejected and returned.


To learn more get in touch with your sales team at CreativeOne at 800.992.2642

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