Increase Your Success by Mastering the Power of Influence

My program, “Sixty-Seconds to Yes!,” has been called controversial because it goes against everything we’ve been taught and told related to sales and selling.

I make some seemingly outrageous statements in the beginning of the program such as “selling does not work” and “sales training has not (to this point) worked!”

Why do so many fail at sales and business?

Then I invest time in the first 90 minutes proving these statements to be 100 percent true, beyond a doubt. Those reading this probably do not need proof, but let me submit a single piece of evidence that is without dispute: 99 percent of people who go into sales or start their own business will fail.

Why do so many fail at sales and business? In simplest terms, they lack the single-most critical skill required in business…the skill of INFLUENCE. The good news is that influence is a tangible, trainable skill.

Wow. That’s a big number. Let me pose a question: Where else is this high of a failure rate acceptable? What if a restaurant messed up 99 percent of its orders; would you continue eating there? Or would you trust a shipping company in which only 1 percent of packages arrived on time?

Why do so many fail at sales and business? Let me submit that I do not believe 1 percent are lucky nor do I believe 99 percent are lazy or unmotivated. I believe I have an answer for why many of the 99 percent fail. In simplest terms they lack the single-most critical skill required in business…the skill of INFLUENCE.  The skill of getting people to say “yes!”

In my experience only 1 percent have the natural ability to influence. I don’t believe for a second this number is coincidental to the number of successful people in business. The good news is that influence is a tangle, trainable skill.

I was not DSC_6585a naturally influential person, hence why I failed in business for 10 years. I did what I was told would make me successful, but it didn’t work for me. I blamed myself for not having what it takes until, in 1995, I discovered I was simply doing it wrong, like the other 99 percent.

The so-called experts were trying to train me to sell. But refer to my second sentence above. Selling does not work because the act and intention of selling is an unnatural act (remember, I can prove this).  Engaging another person with an unnatural act layered upon a natural process like buying is the formula for disaster.

In sales we speak differently. We posture differently and we project that unnatural aura that raises defenses in our clients. It’s so bad that sometimes the mere presence of a salesperson will raise defenses in buyers before they say a word! I direct you to a car dealer, whereby we try to hide from the salesperson in hopes they won’t see us. We are there to say yes to a major purchase but the presence of a salesperson still causes our hackles to rise.

The good news about the above statistic and the unnatural act of sales is I have discovered a solution.  My “Sixty-Seconds to Yes!” program not only helps people make more money and have more business success but also helps them be more influential in all aspects of life. That’s why I keep doing what I do and will keep at it until they lower me into the ground!

If it isn’t working, don’t be discouraged. You are simply doing it wrong. Seek the right way. It’s easier than you think. I know for certain it is easier than failure.

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