Introducing Insurance into the Investment World

Here’s a tale of how two top Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) connected to integrate insured solutions. We’ll start with the conversation that triggered the series of events …

CreativeOne invited an investment manager/firm principal ($1 billion+ AUM) and a career insurance producer to tell their story of how they tipped the principals’ decision to embrace insurance and how the conversation unfolded.

I invited Rob Hagg, Senior Vice President of Life Sales & Integrated Financial Services at CreativeOne, and Cory Lagerstrom, co-founder of a billion-dollar-plus firm and private investor, to discuss how they successfully introduced insurance into the RIA. We investigated how this producer’s approach was unforgettable.

Our roundtable discussion explored how an introduction spiraled into a new strategy and caused a firm to rethink their approach. From the initial conversation, we discovered how a career agent made the decision to retire his captive career in his late 20s and become the insurance director of the agency. Perhaps his rationale unlocks the key to reevaluating insurance in your firm, encompassing the tools for a junior advisor to grow, assist an insurance professional looking for a new adventure or show how to harness the resources to be the right fit for a firm.

The Integrated Financial Services team (IFS) helps your firm position risk-management solutions infusing insured solutions confidently and within context, to help your clients meet their various goals. Our consultative service provides concepts on risk-management solutions designed to specifically meet an RIA’s needs in how it relates to your client’s portfolio.

Here’s How a Conversation Evolved into Much, Much More

This is a tale of how we helped one firm meet their potential.

One decade-old wealth firm who wasn’t offering insurance services attended the Introduction of Insurance Into the Investment World, Candid Conversation.


Following the call, we were able to play a consultative role in their firm by helping them identify key components and hurdles they were facing in regards to implementing insured solutions. As a secondary follow up, we met with the key principals of their firm, the IFS team and Cory Lagerstrom to discuss insurance integration into their firm. It was clear–the firm was facing integration challenges other IFS firms have previously conquered.

As a result of the phone consultation, we identified objectives and action items for the firm including a site visit to a billion-dollar-plus Forbes Top Emerging RIA who also recently executed the introduction to life insurance.

The face-to-face meeting helped expedite the insurance introduction, but more importantly allowed the top performing RIA to meet other like-minded firms facing similar challenges and obstacles. If you’re looking for advisors who also share complex hurdles growing to a top RIA, our team could be a fit for your firm.

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