LinkedIn Learning: How do you connect?

154 million American workers have LinkedIn profiles. That is 154 million opportunities to connect with people. Are you taking advantage of LinkedIn for your business and professional career?

We understand that you are constantly hearing do this or do that and you also hear news about the hottest social media channels buzzing 24/7. You can’t do it all. We can help you try, though.

LinkedIn is a platform geared towards professionals who are masters at juggling their personal and professional lives. The platform makes it easier for them to connect, chat and commit.

LinkedIn is stepping up their game—we want to help make sure you are aware of these updates and are confident in how to use them to elevate your business.

Keep on learning

Two new initiatives were announced this month, LinkedIn Ad Review and the Research and Insights Program. LinkedIn Ad Review is a monthly series that will highlight a well-performing brand and campaign by sharing what worked for them and why.

The goal of this initiative is to show users why the sponsored content performed well and how to effectively piece together your brand’s mission/vision on LinkedIn.

The second initiative, the Research and Insights Program is a weekly program that shares the who, what, when, where and why of buyers on LinkedIn. The goal? To get marketers thinking about what is working on LinkedIn and how they can better their own campaigns.

We suggest following both of these initiatives on LinkedIn for a little inspiration and an inside look at what LinkedIn is looking at and for.

Like, love, support!

LinkedIn is taking notes from Facebook and integrating reactions into users’ posts. You now can provide the following reactions for a post on your newsfeed: Like, Love, Celebrate, Insightful, and Curious.

Why is this a big deal? LinkedIn went through and collected research on what the top one- or two-word responses on posts were and combined them into these five different reactions. A reaction is worth a million words. That’s the saying, right?

Engagement is the goal, so get out there and support other people and pages by sharing reactions. You can’t grow your own following if you’re not helping others grow theirs.

Can I share that?

Have you ever given a presentation and walked away wishing more people could have seen it? Now they can. With LinkedIn, you can share documents, PDFs, PowerPoints, and more with a simple post. The presentation doesn’t have to stay in the boardroom; take it to the newsfeed of your connections and their connections with the simple click of a button.

This a great way to increase visibility of your work and lay the foundation for becoming a thought leader and known resource on LinkedIn.

Five stars for you

In the past, pages on LinkedIn had very few capabilities and were focused more on housing information than sharing it. With recent updates, you can now share a post, review, or testimonial directly to your business page for all your followers to see.

This is a good update as it allows for business pages to become more interactive, increase follower engagement, and the overall user experience by providing relevant content on all fronts.

There is no need to re-share to your page 24/7, but a little here and there will be helpful in mixing up your organic, curated, and third party content.

Connection is key

Why does all this matter? There are over 303 million monthly active users on LinkedIn. Your audience is on LinkedIn. You’re on LinkedIn. It is up to you to make the most of this platform built for connections, careers, and companies.

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