Maximize Your Branding with Your Own Magazine: YouMag

In the insurance and financial services industries, some professionals grow effortlessly; others struggle to cultivate leads and retain clients. Contrary to popular belief, success has little to do with a great personality or industry credentials. It comes down to a much simpler phenomenon: top-of-mind awareness.

Top-of-mind awareness means when prospects want or need your product or service, they instantly think of you.

With YouMag as your partner, a custom branded magazine is an effective marketing and advertising piece in the marketplace today. The service provides a personalized magazine with a completely customizable title, cover, back cover and inside cover letter to highlight your brand and company.

Take advantage of our next publication, which mails December 17. Order from October 26 to November 13—don’t wait!

YouMag is an easy, economical way to enhance your lead-nurturing efforts and build your bottom line. Having a print advertising presence can be an effective marketing strategy to steer potential clients to your website or social media page to learn more about your company, and in turn, help you cultivate leads.

The quarterly magazine includes professionally written articles about travel, golf, philanthropy, books, technology, cooking and more. These articles appeal to all types of clients and are not time-sensitive. Therefore, your magazine enjoys a long shelf life and has the potential to be a pass-along marketing tool. Best of all, you don’t have to create content every quarter—we do the work for you!

Select from one of our four seasonally appropriate cover designs; we’ll put your professional photo on it with your company name. You also have the ability to completely customize the front cover with your own pictures for an additional charge.

The inside cover of every magazine features a full-age introductory cover letter from you. The letter can include photos, logos, signatures, charts or other graphics you choose. YouMag also lets you customize the back cover with your company information and logo for no added cost, or you can use one of your design branded ads for the entire book cover.

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CP-0653 — 2015/10/26

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