Why I Moved to Client One

Why I Moved to Client One and Why You Should Too

For the past few decades, I’ve been working for privately owned broker dealers in the Kansas City area. What I loved best about the brokerage, was the family-feel. I wasn’t certain I could find another relationship-driven broker-dealer when the brokerage merged with a corporate-driven broker. The small broker-dealer industry continues to diminish, from either M&As or simply unable to compete with the giants in the industry. The relationship-driven broker-dealers are ever decreasing due to rising competition and threats to margins or due to regulations.

I joined Client One because they have an industry-leading diversified financial services organization and are committed to remaining a family-oriented broker-dealer. Like where I came from, reps meet our teams with hugs, not handshakes.

Witnessing these types of relationships, is why my decision to move to Client One is solidified.

  • You’re not a number, don’t be treated like one.
  • You’re unique, so are your practice’s needs.
  • You deserve a partner who’s committed to helping you grow.
  • Meet a team whose actions speak louder than words.

If you’re looking for the personal broker-dealer relationships of the past, I’m here to tell you they still exist. If you’re considering making the move, get to know what a truly independent broker dealer can do for you.

Give me a call and let’s see if we’re a fit 913.814.6097.


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