NAFA’S Got Your Back

Ever wonder who’s watching your back in the fixed indexed annuity industry? Who looks out for YOU to make sure you can continue providing reliable retirement savings products to your clients?  Fortunately there is someone — the National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA).  CreativeOne has been a long-standing and supportive member of NAFA’s roots for over 15 years.  We believe in the value NAFA brings to our industry, ensuring we all can continue to offer valuable annuity products for a much-needed public.

Mission and PurposeNAFA_Logo-2013

NAFA’s mission is to be “an advocacy trade association exclusively dedicated to fixed annuities by educating regulators, legislators, journalists, and industry personnel about the value of fixed annuities and their benefits to consumers.”  NAFA was founded in 1998 and has progressively grown to become a major advocacy group with 107 premier and affiliate members representing insurance carriers, distributors, and industry vendors. NAFA’s membership represents every aspect of the fixed annuity marketplace, including fixed indexed annuities, covering 84 percent of fixed annuities sold by independent agents, advisors and brokers.

NAFA has grown significantly over the years from a one-person operation to one whose members now contribute over $1 million annually. Its membership strength is primarily due to NAFA’s accomplishments while advocating as the sole trade group dedicated to supporting fixed annuities. Since its inception 15 years ago, the association has led and participated in many milestones on behalf of the fixed annuity industry, including:

  • The overturn of SEC Proposed Rule 151A
  • Increased education and awareness of fixed annuities among agents, regulators, and the public resulting in positive perception, greater customer satisfaction and lowered complaints
  • Led efforts on creation, and broad-based adoption, of the new annuity suitability regulation
  • Launch of a website to help educate consumers at
  • Launch of The Society for Fixed Annuity Facts & Education (SAFE), Inc., a 501(c)3 educational foundation
  • Established Annuity Outlook Magazine, to inform and educate annuity professionals

“NAFA is proud to have played an instrumental role in the protection and advancement of fixed annuity products,” stated NAFA President and CEO Kim O’Brien. “Working closely with NAFA members, carrier companies, marketing organizations, federal, state and local legislators, I believe we succeeded in clearing up many of the misconceptions previously associated with fixed annuity products.”

CreativeOne’s Support of NAFA

The NAFA board recently elected Chip Anderson, senior vice president for our Tailor Made Elite Producer Services division, as the 2014 chairman of NAFA. Chip and the rest of the board will have a lot on their plates this year.  Chip’s leadership and experience will help NAFA succeed in achieving its education, advocacy, and political objectives.  Janet Terpening, also from our Tailor Made division, will continue her valued role in organizing a variety of NAFA initiatives in 2014.  Paul McGillivray, senior vice president of Advanced Markets, and myself will continue our support as part of the Government Relations Committee, and are joined by fellow Creative teammates Kevin Cloud, chief actuary, and Sarah Mlynek, compliance director, to support NAFA’s advocacy priorities.

CreativeOne does more to support NAFA than any other IMO. Our company’s president, Mike Tripses, has served twice as chairman of the association and was in that role during its fight against SEC Rule 151A. Mike helped win that battle, which would have adversely impacted fixed annuity producers and the entire industry had it passed. Many more of Creative’s employees are members and have served or currently serve on committees and working groups.

The Benefits of NAFA Membership

If you’re a fixed annuity producer, I strongly encourage you to consider joining NAFA. As you work hard to serve your clients’ needs, NAFA is fighting hard to protect your independence, your business and the future of fixed annuities. Your membership to the association will greatly help its advocacy efforts, which include:

  • A dedicated Washington, D.C. lobbyist firm to proactively work on federal legislation and regulation issues
  • Actively monitoring and advocating for fixed annuities in every state to protect your ability to serve consumers with these valuable products
  • Proactively working with state insurance commissioners
  • A public relations campaign to educate the media and consumers
  • Media responses to correct negative or inaccurate information
  • NAFA legal counsel to address state regulation

As NAFA works with regulators and lawmakers on key issues, it solicits input from its members. Therefore, being a member provides you a voice on the issues that impact your business and clients. Membership also provides free webinars, research and other valuable materials to help you in your business. In addition to membership, there are opportunities to support NAFA through grassroots advocacy and through financial support to the group’s Political Action Committee (PAC).

CreativeOne is committed to supporting your annuity sales growth.  We strongly believe in NAFA – your fixed annuity advocate who’s got your back.

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