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Index annuities are not a direct investment in the stock market. They are long-term insurance products with guarantees backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. They provide the potential for interest to be credited based in part on the performance of the specified index, without the risk of loss of premium due to market downturns or fluctuations. Index annuities may not be suitable or appropriate for all individuals.

Withdrawals may be subject to federal and/or state income taxes. An additional 10% federal tax may apply if you make withdrawals or surrender your annuity before age 59½. Consult your tax advisor regarding your specific situation.

This material was prepared to support the marketing of a Power Select Index Annuity. Please keep in mind that AGL and its distributors and representatives cannot provide tax, accounting, legal, financial or investment advice or recommendations, and do not serve in any fiduciary capacity in our relationship with you. This material is intended only as education to help you, with your agent, make the best long-term decisions for your future. Any tax statements in this material are not intended to suggest the avoidance of U.S. federal, state or local tax penalties. Such discussions generally are based upon the company’s understanding of current tax rules and interpretations. Tax laws are subject to legislative modification, and while many such modifications will have only a prospective application, it is important to recognize that a change could have a retroactive effect as well. You should seek the advice of an independent tax advisor or attorney for more complete information concerning your particular circumstances and any tax statements made in this material.

Tax-qualified plans such as IRAs, 401(k)s or 403(b) plans are tax deferred regardless of whether or not they are funded with an annuity. If you use a Power Select Index Annuity to fund a tax-qualified plan, you should know that an annuity does not provide any additional tax-deferred treatment of interest beyond the treatment by the tax-qualified plan itself. You should only use an index annuity in a tax-qualified plan if you want to benefit from features other than tax deferral. If you intend to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), please consult with a tax advisor concerning your particular circumstances. A Power Select Index Annuity may not be appropriate for use with contributory plans if you plan to make ongoing contributions. In addition, a Required Minimum Distribution under a qualified contract is a withdrawal and, as such, will prevent the application of the Minimum Income Base under the Lifetime Income Plus rider if it occurs during the first 10 contract years.

Annuities are issued by American General Life Insurance Company (AGL), 2727-A Allen Parkway, Houston, Texas 77019. Power Select Builder and Power Select Plus Income Index Annuity Modified Single Premium Deferred Fixed Index Annuity (Single Premium Only in Oregon), Contract Number AG-801 (12/12). Rider form numbers: AGE-8000 (12/12), AGE-8002 (9/13), AGE-8003 (12/12), AGE-8007 (12/12), AGE-8008 (12/12), AGE-8009 (12/12), AGE-8028 (4/14), AGE-8034 (4/15) and AGE-8053 (8/17). AGL is a member company of American International Group, Inc. (AIG). The underwriting risks, financial and contractual obligations and support functions associated with the annuities issued by AGL are its responsibility. Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of AGL. AGL does not solicit business in the state of New York. Annuities and riders may vary by state and are not available in all states.

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