What the Leading Digital Marketing Organization Learned in the Newest Rollout

Last week, digital marketing circles were buzzing about Google’s latest broad core algorithm update. Google has suggested this update has nothing to do with the quality of content, and instead focuses on improving the quality of their Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

The rollout began a couple weeks ago when webmasters started to notice changes to their search rankings, which many suspected were due to an update to Google’s core algorithm. Google subsequently confirmed this via a tweet.

Should you panic when your website visibility nosedives?

Honestly, the best advice is to do nothing but monitor the SERPs closely. After that, hope your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is of a good quality and relevant.

What did CreativeOne notice in this latest update?

CreativeOne determined this isn’t an isolated incident, and Google has been tweaking for a few weeks now. Most sites aren’t on the receiving end of a penalty from Google; they are simply giving “reward to under-rewarded sites.”

What we have seen is our advisor-centric campaigns have been extremely satisfying, and advisors are reaping the benefits of our campaigns with better, more relevant and unique content for their keyword groups.

Our advice is that advisors and agents should take advantage of the following CreativeOne campaigns to see the same results:

  • A new website with mobile-friendly layouts, completely unique content and basic-level SEO.
  • Social Media Elite with relevant keyword phrases woven into your twice-a-month blog post content.
  • Our Reputation Management and Build Your Digital Brand programs blend custom content and top-shelf website mentions and placements to boost your SEO efforts.

Don’t see your answer to your Google visibility problems here? Just ask! We have many custom advisor SEO projects in force currently.


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