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In 2015, online video became the number-one communication content medium for consumers!

Consumer viewership is based on three categories:

  1. Entertainment.
  2. Information.
  3. Education.

Social media networks have significantly contributed to video popularity by launching their own indigenous video platforms in an effort to prevent subscribers from leaving their websites for YouTube and VIMEO. Corporate America and small businesses now use video to support their online promotional strategies of brand awareness, and more importantly, to attract new customers.

Through the last five years, financial and insurance services have gravitated toward the use of video for online marketing, education and consumer campaigns. Video content is now the primary contact strategy for consumer content that can differentiate an agent’s practice in their community.

With CreativeOne’s Producer Spotlight, you ensure you’re utilizing the most effective medium available and, in turn, grow your business. Using branded interview content to establish your online brand does not only have a positive impact on your current clients, but can actively attract new ones.

Here’s What’s Included:

High-Definition Video Studio Recording

The video is recorded in HD and can be leveraged for multiple media platforms from broadcast television to online video placement for an agent’s website, social media accounts and data base marketing.

Utilizing Syndicated Financial Columnist and Talk Show Host, Steve Savant

Steve Savant is one of the most experienced talk show hosts and news anchors in the financial- and insurance-services sector. His interview style consists of a series of set-up questions for his guest to answer that creates instant authority with the audience.

Steve’s interview style keeps the consumer audience engaged. During the last four years, Steve has produced more than 1,500 videos and 100 articles, nearly 500 blogs and more than 8,000 tweets distributed to industry portals and consumer websites. He is a contributing author to industry-resource companies such as Advisys, Insmark and LifeSpecs. During his 32 years in the financial services, Steve has had four radio shows, one television show and has appeared on numerous radio shows as a guest, including appearances on the nationally syndicated Business News Network. The goals of Steve’s content are to be consumer-centric, educational and promote his guests.

Compliance-Approved Content

Compliance is a critical factor in the content design of the show, but with Steve’s industry background, he will guide your interview so you only discuss topics you are qualified to talk about. CreativeOne then makes sure all content is compliance approved and will also include FINRA-reviewed documentation when applicable.  CreativeOne files the paperwork for all guests of the show and upon request from the registered representative for broker-dealer review.

National Online Distribution

Online distribution can generate a national presence for an agent to bring awareness to their practice and promote their business brand. The hour show is edited into five 10- to 12-minute segments for weekday distribution as press releases that include the URL segment links to more than 285 national media outlets.

Local Distribution

Customized local social media campaigns can target specific communities with Google advertising and Facebook boosting that evoke online consumer curiosity and can generate leads. The press release and video URL links can be used for database distribution, posting on home page, websites and social media accounts. An additional distribution option is the purchase of local radio and television airtime as part of the local marketing campaign.

At CreativeOne, we have the resources to produce incredibly high-quality video production services for your business or brand. Our experienced team can help you become the producer you’re meant to be so you can differentiate yourself from your competition and capitalize on what they’re not doing. Ask your sales consultant today about CreativeOne’s Producer Spotlight and how it can boost your business by calling 800.992.2642.





CP-0711 – 2016/02/24

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