Single Premium Life Selling Secrets Revealed!

Many advisors serve a customer base who want and need the protection and benefits of Single Premium Life. In particular, the availability of accelerated benefits to help fund long-term care and home health care expenses is in high demand. Despite this need, many agents say, “I’d love to sell Single Premium Life, I just don’t know how.” What they don’t know is that a great sales presentation is easily within reach … because it’s the one you already give!

Today’s Single Premium Universal Life (SPUL) products look and feel very much like fixed indexed annuities. Let’s do a quick comparison:

  • Guarantees: Like fixed indexed annuities, SPUL offers guaranteed values, minimum interest guarantees and, of course, a guaranteed death benefit.
  • Withdrawals: Like fixed indexed annuities, SPUL offers 5% or 10% withdrawal privileges every year.
  • Protection of Premium: Like fixed indexed annuities, SPUL offers protection of the original premium outlay, regardless of the performance of the product.
  • Fixed Indexed Interest: Like fixed indexed annuities, SPUL offers index-crediting options based on the performance of an underlying index, subject to a participation rate or cap.

Effectively, today’s Single Premium Life is like an annuity with a tax-free death benefit!

If you’re reading this, you already are a successful advisor with expertise in selling fixed indexed annuities, but how do you sell Single Premium Life?

Give your best fixed indexed annuity presentation—word for word—then add at the end, “Best of all, it has a tax-free death benefit for those you love!”

For more information on National Western Lifetime Solutions Single Premium Universal Life product contact CreativeOne at 800.992.2642 or listen to this webinar with CreativeOne Vice President of Training and Development Dennis Mattern and National Western Life Insurance Company Regional Sales Director Jeff Waddington.

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