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December 11 2014

by CreativeOne -


It’s 2:00 a.m. and you wake up in a panic. Your bags are packed, and you’re leaving on vacation in a few hours. You prepared your staff to run your financial services practice in your absence, but it just occurred to you that you forgot to communicate a few mission-critical tasks.

You could type out a detailed e-mail or call your staff when you arrive at your destination. But that wouldn’t help you manage those important tasks while you’re away trying to relax with your family.

The stress mounts once you reach your destination and receive a call from a valued but demanding client expressing concern over her insurance or investment portfolio. Unfortunately, without access to her account information, you’re ill-prepared to address her concerns. This leads to more e-mails and phone calls to your office staff. So much for that quality family time you had planned!

We’ve all found ourselves in situations in which our ability to run a practice remotely was difficult, time-consuming and a bit nerve-wracking. Clients’ expectations run high given the myriad do-it-yourself options available to them on the Internet, so you usually have to act quickly to preserve the relationship you’ve worked so hard to build. There’s nothing like having one of your prized clients in jeopardy to add to your stress.

Imagine if you could bring your office with you whenever you were on the go. With SmartOffice Anywhere from Ebix, you can.

SmartOffice Anywhere is a full-featured, easy-to-use client relationship management (CRM) system that you can access on virtually any Internet-connected device. Whether you’re working on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can access your entire client database—including detailed information about insurance and investment holdings—along with your notes, calendar, task manager and more.

SmartOffice Anywhere also works across operating systems (e.g., Windows, iOS) and browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox). The application instantly optimizes itself for use on any device. No more looking at a partial screen and having to scroll around to view everything. With SmartOffice Anywhere, you see what you want regardless of how you access the system.

In addition to its accessibility, SmartOffice Anywhere features a crisp, uncluttered look and feel that makes navigation easy, even for novice users. You’ll spend less time learning how to use the application and more time using it to efficiently run your practice and deliver enhanced levels of customer service.

Better yet, you don’t need to do anything special to keep data synchronized across multiple devices. For example, when you add an appointment to your calendar using your smartphone, the new appointment appears on your assistant’s calendar instantly. This instant sync capability means that changes, additions and deletions to client records, appointments, tasks, insurance and investment accounts are always reflected everywhere.

Consider how the stressful scenario described earlier could play out if you were using SmartOffice Anywhere. You would be able to set up those tasks you forgot without having to speak to your staff and track their progress remotely. You would also be able to access important account details to address the concerns of that prized client while you were still on the phone with her. That’s value and convenience.

Before SmartOffice Anywhere, a conundrum existed in the financial services CRM marketplace, according to Richard Hwang, AVP – Sales & Strategy for Ebix and one of the visionaries behind SmartOffice Anywhere.

“Power users of a CRM system want it to do just about anything you can dream up,” Hwang said. “It’s the adage of, ‘Give a mouse a cookie, and next he’ll want a glass of milk to go with it.’”

“We’re very responsive to our users’ needs, so over the last 25 years, we’ve added an incredible amount of new functionality to our namesake solution, SmartOffice Classic,” Hwang said. “While this kept them happy, it tended to sometimes alienate new users due to its perceived complexity, higher cost and steeper learning curve. We weren’t alone in encountering this issue. Most other established CRM systems had fallen into the same Catch-22. Rather than continue to preach, ‘more training, more training,’ we decided to break from the pack and tackle the issue head on. SmartOffice Anywhere is the result of that effort.”

SmartOffice Anywhere will revolutionize your practice. For a free demonstration, contact CreativeOne Programs Manager Brad Hill at 800.992.2642 or email [email protected]



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