Using Facebook lookalikes and advanced lead-generation techniques.

September 17 2018

by CreativeOne -

Lead generation is the lifeblood of your business. We make it easy with Facebook.

Facebook has changed the way it handles marketing and privacy by eliminating Partner Categories and direct access to third party data, but that doesn’t mean anything has changed in terms of how we can find you leads. In fact, our hypertargeting options have evolved and become even better. Because CreativeOne is a leader in the digital marketing space, we have been staying ahead of the trend and have expanded our capabilities by working closely with Facebook and creating relationships with some of the world’s top data driven marketing companies. Not only are we able to deliver the same service to our advisors as before, it’s better than ever.

As we mentioned, Facebook has removed the ability to directly use third-party data inside its marketing dashboard. That means most advertisers can no longer target people by income level, net worth, homeownership, and so on. Removing those data points does make media less expensive (those third-party data points once used 15 percent off the top of your budget) but it also limits the specificity with which you can target potential customers. Not to worry, though.

Nothing’s changed. But everything’s changed.

In the wake of Facebook removing access to Partner categories, CreativeOne has developed a relationship with one of the top data providers worldwide. They work with many of the top brands worldwide helping them target the exact consumers they are looking for online. By developing this relationship, we can still use third-party information to target our ads. Not only will we be able to continue to target prospects based on the demographics that were removed from Facebook’s platform, we now have access to a large data library that will allow us to further fine-tune our targeting and lead generation strategies and continue to innovate in the digital lead generation space.

Thanks to our forward-thinking digital marketing team, CreativeOne has relationships that can secure you the data you need for pre-qualified lead-generation campaigns whether you are targeting general baby boomer demographics or hypertargeting niche audiences. And that’s not all. We also have a few new tools in the toolbox.

Look alive for lookalikes.

One of those new tools? Lookalike audiences. In addition to new text, graphic, and video options, Facebook is letting us target what they call “lookalike audiences.” That means, you can take an existing audience from a list (e.g., visitors to your site, an existing client email list, etc.) and find people who share traits with those audience members (e.g., demographics, interests, behaviors, etc.). What this means, in practical terms, is that you can take an existing list of at least 100 people and create lookalike audiences from it. CreativeOne has captured tens of thousands of prequalified leads for our advisors, which means our lookalike audiences are extremely engaged. This is the type of first party data you can’t get anywhere else and it has led to 40-50%+ increases in our conversion rates. This means more qualified leads for each marketing dollar. It’s a powerful tool, and CreativeOne is making the most of it.

Get ready for Q4 2018 and 2019.

Change is never easy, but CreativeOne is confident that the coming months and years will be some of the best ever for social-media targeting and lead-generation campaigns.

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