Women Face Different Retirement Income Planning Challenges

Have you noticed certain challenges that affect women when it comes to retirement income planning and savings? It’s important to know about these challenges, and create a strategy to combat them, so they may live a comfortable retirement.

A startling insight: 70 percent of women leave their advisor after the death of or divorce from their spouse.1  This should lead you to realize women are not a “niche”—they are a business opportunity you shouldn’t overlook.

CreativeOne makes you more successful by providing you with the vast array of services you need, including our turnkey Women & Wealth seminar. It will help you talk with women about the unique challenges they face when it comes to retirement income planning. This seminar will give your women clients the knowledge they need to empower themselves to take control of their retirement income planning.

Are you interested in learning more about our Women & Wealth seminar? Give your sales team a call today and let them know how we can help you get started!

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    Info and article on Women and Wealth.

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