January 2013 - Creative Edge

Advisors adopting the iPad as a business tool at a record pace

Last spring, Creative’s Chief Information Officer, Robert Wingerter, gave a rousing presentation to our elite Tailor Made producers about the importance of evolving technology in the advisor’s business. He highlighted the growing number of agents who were integrating tablet technology – more specifically the iPad® – into their businesses for streamlining processes and improving communication…. Read More

Annexus commission bonus announced in FL, OH, SC, TX

Are you a producer writing the BalancedAllocation Annuity® (BAA) 10 in Florida, Ohio, South Caroline or Texas? Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to earn a commission bonus on your production. Applications received between January 2 and March 1 (if funded and issued by April 15) will count toward your production total and could… Read More

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A Simple Illustration for Where an Annuity is a Fit

One of the most common requests I receive from my agents is for a simple, easy-to-explain, and easy-to-illustrate idea for helping clients understand exactly why they’re being presented with an annuity solution for their financial needs. For your next client who has trouble visualizing how one works and why an annuity is a fit, share… Read More

A New Take on the Split Annuity Concept

A new take on the split annuity concept

You’ve heard it time and again from clients. You’ve read about it in dozens of articles and publications. There’s even statistical evidence to support it. All in all, you’re bombarded with the fact that clients today are concerned with income – particularly the possibility of outliving the one they’ve planned for in retirement. Meanwhile, you’re… Read More

Finding our why – Learn To Earn Sales Summit Recap

Life is full of challenges. In fact, sometimes it seems as though there’s one around every corner. And if we’re not paying attention, it’s easy to be so distracted by these issues that a myriad of opportunities to accomplish the unthinkable might pass us by. This year’s keynote speaker at our fifth annual Learn To… Read More

Incorporating Your Passion into Your Profession

As children, we’re repeatedly told that the world is our oyster, and that we can be anything we want to be if we just put our best foot forward. After all, how many of us envisioned growing up to be professional athletes, musicians or entertainers? It wasn’t that we were delusional – we just believed… Read More

Not-so-risky business: The indemnity-style long-term care rider

January 8 2013

by Creative Life Sales Team

As you and all of your business owner clients know, getting started on your own is accompanied by taking a risk. Business success is hardly a sure bet, but taking appropriate precautions and planning carefully can help minimize the potential for obstacles that could damage or dismantle the company you work so hard to build…. Read More

The truth about the fiscal cliff and our tax code

There is so much heat and so little light in the debate over how to avoid the “fiscal cliff.” I recently watched a Sunday morning news show in which the anchor played footage showing Speaker Boehner saying that tax rates should not be raised, and then watched her pose the non sequitur to her panelists,… Read More

Introducing the new ATHENE Benefit 10

You’re probably familiar with the old saying, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” It seems true enough. Whether it’s hosting a birthday party, building a house or preparing for retirement, you wouldn’t think of walking through life with your eyes closed hoping for the best. We spend time each day planning for… Read More

Best Practices for Handling Non-Resident Solicitations

Agents who live near the state line commonly serve clients that reside in the bordering state(s). Many agents even have clients who live several states away. When an agent works with a client outside of the client’s resident state, it creates what is commonly referred to as a “cross-border” or “non-resident” solicitation. Non-resident solicitations are… Read More