November 2013 - Creative Edge

College for one, retirement for the other

November 21 2013

by CreativeOne -

Do you have grandparents looking for ways to financially help their grown children or grandchildren? Next time you meet with those clients, offer a way they can help provide an income stream for their child’s retirement and an incentive for a grandchild to finish college using a cash accumulation strategy with an indexed universal life… Read More

New Service to RIAs

Creative appoints industry veteran Rob Hagg to consult with registered investment advisors on ways to grow their businesses. We’re expanding operations by adding a team dedicated to serving the needs of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). This team, led by one of the industry’s leading experts in wealth management, will help RIAs create a road map… Read More

AARP: Social Security Another Magic Stimulus – Part 1

Psychology defines magical thinking as continued belief with no rational theory or contrary to evidences. I have always loved the accompanying cartoon by Sidney Harris:   Yes, this scientist needs some more work on his models. This form of unrealistic proof is on display in a recent study from AARP, the old American Association of… Read More

Annuity Solutions Pro: New time-saving feature added

The sale is not yet complete. You met with the client, have a thorough understanding of her needs and what she can contribute to an annuity. You want to recommend a five-year fixed indexed product. But which one? There may be a half dozen or more that will work. And you don’t have time to… Read More

Annexus: BalancedChoice Annuity Enhancements

November 12 2013

by CreativeOne -

Effective November 12, there are a number of new enhancements to the BalancedChoice™ Annuity (BCA) See Rate Increases

American Equity: Income Protection Rider Enhancements

November 11 2013

by CreativeOne -

Sales for Transitions Gold Plus being suspended. A new flexible premium FIA with 7% premium bonus available New product announcement