Annuity Solutions Pro: New time-saving feature added

The sale is not yet complete.

You met with the client, have a thorough understanding of her needs and what she can contribute to an annuity. You want to recommend a five-year fixed indexed product.

But which one? There may be a half dozen or more that will work. And you don’t have time to search for product specs and rates and input that data onto a spreadsheet.

Have you tried Annuity Solutions PRO?

In September, Creative Marketing unveiled Annuity Solutions Pro, the industry’s premier product database created by our in-house project development team. It allows you to search and compare products by several criteria to find the best options for your clients.

The most efficient way to compare products

One of the key features of Annuity Solutions PRO is the Annuity Solutions Finder. This allows you to input a few pieces of data and receive an easy-to-read chart so you can quickly compare annuities and select the best option for your client.

The printable chart the database creates will show you each of the products available within your search criteria and display the following features:

  • The A.M. Best ratings of the carriers
  • Premium bands
  • Interest-crediting strategies available
  • Current caps and participation rates (for fixed indexed annuities)
  • Worst-case crediting rates (for fixed indexed annuities)
  • Penalty-free withdrawal provisions
  • Death benefit provisions
  • Minimum premium required
  • Maximum and minimum issue & rider ages
  • Guaranteed first-year yields (for non-indexed)

A wealth of information in just minutes

To begin, input your information on the Annuity Solutions PRO home screen:

1.  At least one contracted carrier

2.  Your state

3.  The product type

4.  Then click “Search Now/Update”

The other menus are optional if you want to narrow your search.

ASPRO Screen shot copy 1112


On the same screen will appear a list of products that fit your criteria.

5. You can compare all products listed or select individually by clicking the appropriate boxes.

6. Then click “Compare Selected Products.”


ASPRO screen 2 1112


Annuity Solutions PRO will provide a printable chart so you can easily compare the products you selected:


comparison chart copy 1112


Once you’ve made your selection, use Annuity Solutions PRO to order an eKit with the forms needed to close the sale.

A win-win for both you and the client.

Contracted producers can find Annuity Solutions PRO by logging onto and clicking on “Products” and then “Annuity Solutions PRO.”

To find out more about Annuity Solutions PRO, call your Creative Marketing Annuity Sales Team at 800.992.2642.

For agent use only. Not for use with the general public. 13071 – 2013/11/12

This program is an exclusive offer through Creative Marketing and is only available to agents who are contracted with Creative Marketing.  Creative Marketing is not responsible for the results of the program or any liability stemming from the use of it.

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