January 2014 - Creative Edge

Demonstrate the potential of balanced allocation annuities with Efficient Frontier

The Annexus Research Institute has unveiled a new web-based tool that demonstrates the impact of balanced allocation annuities on a client’s or prospect’s portfolio. Efficient Frontier, powered by Ibbotson Associates, allows users to model select retirement portfolio case studies using Ibbotson’s Efficient Frontier Framework for both accumulation and income optimization. You can run comparisons between two portfolios:… Read More

Athene announces updates to 2014 CARE program

As the transition from Aviva USA to Athene continues, the company announced that it is keeping the Creating Agent Retirement Earnings (CARE) deferred compensation program. For 2014, Athene is making it easier to qualify, adding tiers to reward performance and simplifying the program. Read the full announcement, which includes an FAQ section.

White Paper: Index algorithms should be based on sound logic

In his latest Annexus Research Institute White Paper, “Healthy Skepticism,” Rex Voegtlin explains why you should be skeptical of index algorithms based on “cherry-picked” historical returns.

NAFA’S Got Your Back

Ever wonder who’s watching your back in the fixed indexed annuity industry? Who looks out for YOU to make sure you can continue providing reliable retirement savings products to your clients?  Fortunately there is someone — the National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA).  CreativeOne has been a long-standing and supportive member of NAFA’s roots for… Read More

BCA now available in Ohio

The BalancedChoice 8 and BalancedChoice 10S annuities are now available for sale in Ohio! With a low interest rate environment and economic uncertainties now the norm, your clients are looking to you to help them accumulate and generate income in these uncertain times. Read the full announcement. Register for a webinar to learn more about the… Read More

The Most Trusted Partner to Maximize Your Potential

Today we launched a new era of service to independent producers. Today we introduced our OneTeam, OneVoice and OneVision concept to the annuities, life insurance and securities industries. Today we unveiled CreativeOne. As you are aware, Will Moneymaker and I purchased the company from Aviva USA in a transaction that closed October 1, 2013. Our… Read More