4 Tips About Social Media Marketing You Need to Know

Having active and best-practiced social media marketing and content strategy can be just as important as your updated lead-generation campaigns. Your website and social media accounts are the face of your company to an incoming prospect or your current clientele. They are your first impression for many people researching local financial advisors. And while it may seem silly, your web design and your activity on your platforms can be a deal-breaker for prospects between you and your competition. Researchers want to understand you before they even talk to you.

Let’s face it: with the internet in a constant state of change, it can be difficult keeping up with the latest trends and marketing tactics to reach more prospects and get your business and your brand noticed. That’s why it is important to keep in mind the basic best-practices of your social media strategy.


Determining Your Audience

Finding the right kind of clientele you want to do business with can be one of the most important things you do. You can determine the right audience for your business by considering the services you offer. Do you only focus on life insurance? Perhaps married couples with children and retired people will best fit that group. Maybe you offer a wide range of financial services like retirement income planning and investments. In that case, you will want to create multiple targeted audiences to make sure the audience is being delivered the correct type of content.


Create Valuable Content

You’ve heard the phrase, “Quality over quantity.” The same can be applied to your digital marketing strategy with content marketing. In order to keep your website active and you stay ahead of your competition by being an authority in the industry, an active blog discussing certain aspects of your services can help drive traffic to your website. This, in turn, will make you an authority in search engine’s indexing when potential consumers search for keyword phrases in your area.

Although be weary of providing short, unhelpful content to your audiences. This can create high bounce-rates and frustration. Remember, people are looking for helpful, informational content to answer their questions.

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

Reaching your prospects and potential clients at the right moment is essential for any salesperson. It can be the difference between closing a sale and losing a lead to your competitor. No one wants to hear the dreaded words, “I’ll think sleep on it, and get back to you.” The same can be said for digital marketing. Only, you need to add the right audience, the right message, at the right time.

So, when you know and understand the kind of clientele you are trying to reach, scheduling posts ahead of time can be beneficial and efficient because you are using data collected previously to make an educational judgement on when your post will be seen and engaged with the most.


Engage With Your Audience

The worst thing you can possibly do, next to not having a social media presence at all, is not engage with your audience. People want to see a human presence behind the Times New Roman and Ariel fonts. They want funny and informative, but most of all, they want engagement. They want your page to be active and full of information and opportunities to comment, like and share your posts.

Most of all, they want you to connect with them. This shouldn’t be any different than what you already do with your clients. The only difference is the medium in which you communicate.


Content marketing and social media strategies are for the long-haul. This is not an overnight solution for creating long-term relationships with clients and potential clients. Finding the right strategy for your business and audience can take time and trial-and-error. That’s OK. Because the success for the long-term is much more rewarding than 15-minutes of “fame.”


If you are interested in creating a social media strategy as part of your overall digital marketing solutions, let us know. We can help determine your digital assets and create a successful long-term strategy.




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