Introducing a faster way to look up annuity product information

A typical annuity sale might work like this:

You meet with the client to understand his or her retirement income needs. You obtain basic information such as age, the amount of money the client can put into an annuity, and when he or she wants to receive income.

Then you visit multiple websites, scan several product booklets, and maybe even spend time on the phone with one or two IMOs looking for the right annuity for that client.

Once you find one or two annuities that will fit the client’s need, you have to verify current rates and the latest product information, then track down the appropriate sales kit and client material. This mining process could take up to several hours – perhaps even longer.  It might also have happened during business hours.

Here’s how the process works if you’re a producer contracted with Creative:

You log onto and click on “Products” and then “Annuity Solutions PRO” to access the annuity products Creative supports. Using the menus provided, you filter the database by carrier, premium amount, issue age or other determinants to find the right annuity for your client. The process might take less than five minutes or it might take 15 minutes; it might happen during business hours or it might happen outside of client primetime.

And there is no charge or subscription fee to use Annuity Solutions PRO.  This service is delivered by Creative to producers working with Creative. 

Annuity Solutions PRO was created by several of Creative’s support teams–Production Information and IT/Database Development team.  They incorporated considerable producer experience and  feedback to create what we believe is the premier annuity database in the industry. Producers using Annuity Solutions PRO save time by having more detailed product information than ever before available, with timely and accurate updates all in one online location.

This proprietary platform is another example of Creative’s commitment to helping agents increase sales. Instead of wasting valuable time tracking down product details from multiple locations, you can save how many hours a week using this new and improved database. That’s extra time for more sales presentations and prospecting calls.  Annuity Solutions PRO turns YOUR time into BETTER time.

A sample of what you can accomplish with Annuity Solutions PRO includes:

  • Searching for annuity products by:
    • State
    • Carrier
    • Product type
    • Surrender period
    • Client age
    • Premium required
  • Comparing several products with advanced search features. The Product Profile section contains the most detailed information about the features of every annuity product supported by Creative Marketing. 
  • Staying current on rate changes and state approvals. We offer hundreds of annuity products from dozens of carriers. Rates and product features change frequently and can vary considerably by state. You no longer have to keep track of all those changes and state approvals. Annuity Solutions PRO does the work for you.
  • Ordering an electronic sales kit (eKits). Once you have found the right annuity based on your inputs, you can order an electronic sales kit for that product. Product eKits include brochures, CODs, applications and applicable inserts.

Creative Marketing’s PRO development teams are also already working on several upgrades to be launched in the coming months.

To find out more about Annuity Solutions PRO, call your Creative Marketing Annuity Sales Team at 800.992.2642.

Contracted producers can find Annuity Solutions PRO by logging onto and click on “Products” and then “Annuity Solutions PRO.”

Not contracted? Call us today to learn about all the ways Creative Marketing can help you increase your sales and build your business, or visit our online contracting section.

For agent use only. Not for use with the general public. 13015 – 2013/9/19

This program is an exclusive offer through Creative Marketing and is only available to agents who are contracted with Creative Marketing.  Creative Marketing is not responsible for the results of the program or any liability stemming from the use of it.

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