CreativeOne’s has a new game-changing app.

Welcome to the CreativeOne app and the GLWB Investigator.

For licensed financial professionals, finding the right product for the right client isn’t always easy. You have to do a lot of research if you want to do your job right. Enter CreativeOne’s new app.

Before this app came out, advisors and agents had to follow a laborious process to research products. Our team of actuaries at CreativeOne would maintain an encrypted Excel spreadsheet, containing all the different products and their formulas, and producers would have to wait for us to email out the latest updates. Every month, we’d send the updated file; licensed financial professionals each month so that they could use it to help their clients find the right financial product for each client’s situation. No more.

We’ve built a tool into an iOS and Google Play store app. The app can now deliver real-time product information and estimates that have been updated that day automatically, without our team having to manually send the latest complicated spreadsheet to everyone. The level of accuracy and speed of the information now available to these professionals is unparalleled.

Not only does the app improve accuracy and speed (which is crucial in the ever-changing financial product space), but being able to leverage an app has dramatically improved the usability of this tool. Prior to building this app, financial professionals would be required to open the spreadsheet version of the tool on a computer, enter their data in the appropriate spreadsheet cells and change tabs to review the estimates generated. The app now provides a much better user experience by making this tool available to anyone with a phone, eliminating the confusion of navigating the appropriate cells and tabs in a spreadsheet, and can now be used conveniently while our users are traveling away from their office – all with just a few taps of their screen.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Top Carriers Featured
    • GLWB Investigator streamlines the illustration process and puts your favorite carrier products in one simple list!
  • Data Supported
    • Payout Rates and Yearly Income numbers instantly available in the field.
  • Instant Product Updates
    • Leverages the PIK database to only report accurate data and calculations.
  • Illustrations in your Inbox
    • Click on the details of the product and have and request an application from the app!
  • Powerful advisor tools put simply
    • Maintained daily, the GLWB is the most complete list of products and guaranteed income estimates available on the web.


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