IUL Sales Tool – Tax-Smart Retirement

May 23 2017

by Creative Life Sales Team

I was in your shoes. I’m a former NWM advisor who sold life insurance. Here’s a strategy I created and have shared with many advisors. This strategy has helped dozens of practices take their minuscule life insurance revenue and turn it into six-digit figures.

Here’s why. If you’re not talking about the importance of tax diversification with clients, you’re missing significant sales opportunities.

Let us help you inform clients about the importance of diversifying qualified, capital and tax-free assets using this underserved, multi-strategy approach. By using Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL), you can help clients create tax-efficient income using a little-known tax code, 7702(n)(1).

Why should your clients consider their tax exposure? Because, without tax-focused strategies, clients may be leaving their money vulnerable. That’s where life insurance comes in. Not only does it allow flexible contributions, it is a self-completing plan that helps maximize retirement income despite the impact of future tax exposure.

Tax-efficient strategies can boost retirement income and provide flexibility to:

  • Generate tax-free and non-reportable income.
  • Realize tax-deferred growth.
  • Save outside of IRS limits.

Help your clients understand the importance of future taxes. Here are tools you can use in your next client meeting:

Consumer Flip Book Consumer Presentation & Talking Points
Personalize Now » Personalize Now »

I encourage you to download these resources. Take a look and give me a call at 913.402.7763 if you have questions. I’m here to help.

We have other life insurance retirement planning resources, give us a call at 913.402.7763 or 800.992.2642 so we can help you grow your IUL premium inside of life insurance retirement plans


CP-0938 – 2017/23/5

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