Make Publicity Your Best Friend

Capitalize on your knowledge and expertise in your own local market with Instant Authority. Our program not only guarantees your appearance on your local news station or in a major publication, but positions you as an expert, helps you gain credibility and trust and builds brand awareness in your community.

Let’s face it—publicity matters.

Publicity can enhance the positive perception of you against competitors in a crowded field and increase the effectiveness of your other marketing strategies. Use publicity to your advantage and instantly become the go-to subject matter expert on topics that matter most to consumers by showcasing your knowledge on authoritative news networks like FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

How does Instant Authority work?

In order to participate in Instant Authority, you must first complete a short interview form. Then, your answers are reviewed and edited by a team of professional journalists. Once you approve the positioning, your story pitch will be pitched to the local media. All you have to do is wait for the call that your interview has been booked and get your sharpest outfit ready if appearing on TV! Then, after you’ve been cited on major media, add the “as seen on” logo to your marketing materials.

But … What if it doesn’t work?

If for some reason your story isn’t picked up, we have a money-back guarantee. If you don’t get cited on one of the authoritative media networks, we’ll refund all your money plus an additional $100—we’re that confident in this program.

What now?

Become a credible expert in your community by calling your CreativeOne sales team at 800.992.2642 to sign up for Instant Authority today.

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