Marrying life-expectancy and cash-accumulation strategies

March 24 2015

by Creative Life Sales Team

Accordia LifeTime Foundation IUL

Lifetime Foundation is a first-of-its-kind permanent life insurance product with death benefit guarantees that adjust to your clients’ changing needs.

This innovative new approach offers more guaranteed coverage early on when their life insurance needs are likely the greatest, while maintaining a proportional death benefit guarantee in later years when their focus transitions to savings protection and leaving a legacy.

Extended Death Benefit Guarantee








Here are the top five reasons why you should offer Lifetime Foundation to your clients:

    • Your clients are covered with an Initial Death Benefit Guarantee for the full face amount of the policy for 5-30 years, based on issue age.
    • Your clients also get an Extended Death Benefit Guarantee for half of the policy’s face amount starting when the Initial Guarantee ends.*
    • Lifetime Foundation offers this new and unique approach to lifetime guarantees at a lower cost than traditional no-lapse guarantees at ages 65 and under.
    • Unlike “life expectancy” products, Lifetime Foundation maintains a portion of the death benefit guarantee for life.
    • Excess premium advantage is available for short-pay or overfunding scenarios.


Lifetime foundation Client brochure

Watch this groundbreaking strategy and see how life-expectancy and cash accumulation strategies marry-up! Call the the Life Sales Team and get an illustration for your next client consult. 800.992.2642






*Provided the minimum premium requirements are met, regardless of policy performance.

Policy forms ICC14-IULC-C15, IULC-C15, and IULC-C15-CRT. Endorsement forms IULPTP-E14 R6-14, IULFLX-E14 R6-14, ICC13-IULPTP-E14, IULPTP-E14 R10-14, ICC13-IULFLX-E14, IULFLX-E14 R10-14, ICC13-IULMCS-E14 and IULMCS-E14.

Availability varies by state. In CA and NJ products are issued as a group insurance product issued to the Accordia Life and Annuity. Company Group Trust, Rhode Island. If your client purchases this product, they will receive an individual certificate. For administrative purposes, from time to time we may refer to this certificate as a policy or as a contract.

Products issued by and all policy benefits are the responsibility of Accordia Life and Annuity Company, and not that of any other insurer or company.

Guarantees provided are subject to the financial strength of the issuing insurance company; not guaranteed by any bank or the FDIC.


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