PTE 84-24: How to Obtain Commissions Information

In order to assist you in complying with the requirements of PTE 84-24 for your qualified annuity sales, CreativeOne is offering its agents two options on how obtain commission information to fulfill the necessary information on the PTE 84-24 Disclosure.

Along with many insurance carriers, CreativeOne offers a generic PTE 84-24 disclosure available for your use. These generic disclosures are available on the CreativeOne DOL Resource Page, Annuity Solutions Pro and in product e-kits.

CreativeOne does not retain this document, however, it is highly encouraged the agent save this document and store it for at least six years. Insurance carriers or regulators may request a copy of the disclosure at any time for sales made after June 9, 2017.

1. Via Annuity Solutions Pro (preferred)

How to access this:

When agents utilize Annuity Solutions Pro, they are able to automatically create pre-filled PTE 84-24 Disclosures with commission information based on the product sold, state of solicitation and the client’s age. This is available on lump-sum commission options only (not trail commissions). This pre-filled option is available with the paper application as well as the electronic application process through FireLight.

2. Via the Annuity Commissions Calculator

How to access this:

If you are utilizing your own PTE 84-24 disclosure and/or wish to only obtain the commission amount, you can access this information on the new Annuity Commission Calculator. When agents use the Annuity Commission Calculator, they are able to calculate commissions based on a product, solicitation state and client’s age.

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