Rethinking your website strategy in 2015

A financial professional website is no longer just a business card on the Internet. The thing is, if an adviser is not promoting themselves through their own website, there are other review sites out there promoting for them—and they might not always like what they say.

In order for financial professionals to stay ahead of Internet trends, they just need to be a little more proactive. Besides the basics, claiming your online assets and creating a general online presence, there are a number of strategies easily initiated to create a web authority. Digital marketers usually think this next step in website authority is done through three facets:

Thought Leadership

You’ve likely heard the phrase “thought leader,”—maybe you even aspire to be one. The good news is there has been no better time in history than now to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. You can put any thought you want out into the world via your website and reach thousands—if not millions—of people. Social media provides another outlet to establish yourself as a thought leader. Facebook has more than 1 billion users; Twitter has more than 200 million. Other social media channels like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ also provide access to massive audiences.

Writing to the Audience

Through Google Analytics, digital marketers have tools to see what pages are most important to visitors. Digital marketers can look at heat maps to see where visitors are clicking and more importantly, digital marketers can see what pages are driving away visitors. In order to write to the audience more effectively, digital marketers should look to these “bounce” pages and create a strategy to make them more “sticky,” or useful.

A Thoughtful Services & Products Page

The goal of every digital marketer is to rank for a term organically. It can make your website conversions more cost-effective. Web users generally search by term, so being able to rank highly for a product or service should be a top goal for your web marketing initiatives. That means if you offer wealth-management services to your clients, you should have a page created named “Wealth Management” and a place on the main navigation labeled “Wealth Management.” That way, when a user clicks on your link, a page talking about how you provide those specific services would greet them.

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