Get 30 Guaranteed Registrants for Your Next Seminar for $999

Seminar marketing is an excellent opportunity to display your knowledge and thought leadership to a group. They also work well as a way prospect for new clients and generate business.

When coupled with a targeted, paid-advertisement strategy, seminars also create an opportunity where you are able to speak to a pre-qualified audience with the desire to learn more about the financial products and services you have to offer.

But are your direct-mail responses to your retirement income planning workshops getting the results you would like? Are your cost-per-attendee prices getting too high and does your market feel over-saturated? Are you tired of shelling out $6,000 just to get 10 registrations to your seminar? CreativeOne has developed a program that can help!

By leveraging the targeting power of Facebook advertising, CreativeOne has developed sophisticated digital marketing techniques to bring qualified prospects to your next seminar for just $999!

Our techniques are so successful, we guarantee 30 registrants will sign up, or we’ll pay for the seminar/workshop.

With Digital Facebook Dinner Seminar Leads, producers get:

  • Guaranteed 30 registrants.
    • CreativeOne pays for your next seminar/workshop sign-up if number is not reached.
  • Custom registration page.
    • Your logo, contact information and seminar location all on one web page.
    • Automated email and text reminders. Voicemail drops optional (extra fee).
  • Facebook-generated leads.
    • Facebook gives CreativeOne the ability to pre-select registrant types, so we qualify leads before they attend.

If you’re looking for the right seminar, you have options.

  • Taxes in retirement.
  • Retirement income planning.
  • Investing 101.
  • Social security.
  • Women and wealth.
  • Federal employee.

The guarantee is only applicable with agents in a market area of 25,000 within 10 miles of the event. However, we will still be able to offer the program for agents who live in a smaller market area. CreativeOne is not responsible for any rental, setup or cleanup fees associated with your event. The guaranteed registrants number is based off of individuals who register—not attend—and payment will be handled through your Business Accelerator credits.

What are you waiting for? Let CreativeOne help you convert prospects to actual sales today! Call your CreativeOne sales team at 800.992.2642 to learn more.

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