September 2013 - Creative Edge

Easier for you. Better for your clients.

Drink our coffee. You need a new mattress. Wear what everybody else is. Buy these tickets – at a new low price! Many industries and companies still employ aggressive sales tactics aimed at pushing products instead of fulfilling a customer’s need. This method even plagues the retirement planning industry because many of us are taught… Read More

EquiTrust®Life teams up with Creative Marketing

EquiTrust Life Insurance Company has experienced remarkable success in the last two years, with 150 percent year-over-year sales growth in 2012. Since 2003, EquiTrust Life’s total invested assets have increased from $2.1 billion to $10.7 billion1 at the end of 2012. Now we are excited to announce a new partnership with Creative Marketing that provides… Read More

Court prospects with the Social Security Suite

One of the largest areas of concern among retirees and pre-retirees is Social Security. In 2013, almost 58 million Americans will receive $816 billion in Social Security benefits, according to the Social Security Administration. Every day people are trying to understand when to start their benefits, how to maximize the amount they receive and how… Read More

Introducing a faster way to look up annuity product information

A typical annuity sale might work like this: You meet with the client to understand his or her retirement income needs. You obtain basic information such as age, the amount of money the client can put into an annuity, and when he or she wants to receive income. Then you visit multiple websites, scan several… Read More

Webinar: Mitigating Risks of Inflation-Adjusted Retirement Income

September 19 2013

by CreativeOne -

Annexus Research Institute proudly announces: Mitigating the Four Major Risks of Sustainable Inflation-Adjusted Retirement Income Whitepaper, co-written by Rex Voegtlin, MS, CFP, CAP, CASL and Wade Pfau, Ph.D, CFA. We invite you to be the first to attend the whitepaper webinar hosted by Rex Voegtlin. Rex will focus on the major retirement income shortfalls produced… Read More