A Perfect Seminar Confirmation Process

This is the confirmation process that a very successful producer shared with us, noting that he attributed his success with seminar marketing partly to being diligent in following this process to the letter. Properly implemented, the right confirmation process in confirming seminar attendees can not only increase the amount of attendees, but will also increase appointment setting ratios. The relationship with these prospects begins with the initial confirmation call. Following that initial call, each additional “touch” made through these confirmation calls will further strengthen the “relationship”connection with the advisor.

1. IMMEDIATELY call when you receive the reservation.

Upon receiving all seminar reservations, call to welcome them warmly and confirm the name, address, phone #, guest name and date of seminar attending. Tell them you will mail a confirmation letter with directions to the restaurant, and you look forward to meeting them in person. Before you hang up, tell them to expect a call from you the Friday before the seminar. Let them know the reason for this call is due to the very high response rate for this workshop and it is common to have a waiting list. That by reconfirming their attendance closer to the day of the event, you will help ensure that everyone that is hoping to attend this event will have the opportunity to attend. By setting expectations for the call, they will be expecting it and won’t consider it a bother.

2. Mail seminar confirmation letter (This is optional, but recommended).

3. Call the Friday before the seminar.

Another warm and friendly call, reconfirm their attendance for the event which is taking place the following week. Before you hang up, set expectations for the 3rd call by telling them you will be calling them, < Your choice> either the afternoon before or the morning of the seminar to give the restaurant accurate meal counts. SOFTLY word the conversation so they know you are committed to pay the restaurant for the amount of meals based on these final reservation confirmations, so you want to be sure it is an accurate count when calling in final order to restaurant. If they feel you are going to have to pay for the meal whether or not they show up or not, they will be much less likely to be a “no show” for your event.

4. Call the morning of the seminar.

Final call to confirm they will be attending the event. Let them know how much you look forward to meeting them in person. If restaurant allows choice of entrée, at this time, you could get their meal preference telling them you want to ensure they get a meal they will enjoy. This subconsciously gives them even more commitment to attend. By this time, you should have a strong sense of how many people to expect at your event.

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