A “Gift of Pie” an unexpected and welcome holiday client appreciation gift


With the holidays right around the corner, we know that producers are looking for a unique way to tell their clients that they appreciate their business. One fun and simple idea is giving your clients a pie. Easy to execute, it’s a tasty initiative that features a heaping serving of client appreciation. Utilizing several touch points, you can engage your clients, build relationships and start conversations for 2015.

So, why give pie?

Pies convey warmth, comfort and trust, all admirable qualities for producers.  They’re a “can’t-miss” gift – nearly the most popular desert in the United

States – with annual grocery store sales of more than 186 million units and $700 million, according to the American Pie Council. Pies are for sharing, and outrank cakes and cookies as the most-wanted dessert that hosts want brought to their home.

Closer to our industry, pies have an uncanny and often overlooked correlation with annuities and insurance products. Consider these components of success:

  • Customization: Just as an apple or cherry pie suits different individuals’ tastes, CreativeOne offers fixed and fixed indexed annuities to meet clients’ distinctive needs for risk tolerance and stability.
  • Performance: Superior results for both pies and annuities require an appropriate amount of time and execution. More of one, or less of the other, can compromise the final product.
  • Moderation: Annuities are only a slice of a well-rounded retirement incoming plan, just as pie is one of several desserts at a holiday meal.
  • Diversification: Success requires a proportioned mix of essential ingredients working together, whether it’s a pie’s flaky crust and filling, or an annuity making up a portion of your total retirement savings.

Now that the connection is clear, here’s an actionable plan – a recipe for success:

  1. Contact a local bakery or grocery store to determine available pie flavors, lead times and pick-up arrangements.
  2. Compose a thank you message for your clients.
  3. Create a simple voucher. Print them off to include with your thank you note.  Vouchers should include:
  • Flavors your clients can choose from (checkbox).
  • Two dates with different time ranges for pick-up at your office.
  • An RSVP deadline that coordinates pie ordering and pick-up.

4.  Confirm your clients’ pick-up time via phone and personally greet them upon arrival.

With this plan, you can focus on execution. The Gift of Pie will memorably surprise and delight your clients, something they’ll share with friends and family.

For more client appreciation ideas, please contact your CreativeOne sales team at 800.992.2642. It’s as easy as pie.


Various state insurance regulations, as well as other state regulators prohibit the “gifting” of items, which may include entertainment expenses, by financial professional in excess of a certain dollar value.  Be sure to check with your state’s requirements and/or your firm to ensure that you are complying with your specific state’s requirements and guidelines.

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