Shift Your Marketing Performance Into Overdrive

by Travis Postlethwaite,  Senior Vice President of Annuity Sales

Competition plays an integral role in both defining and creating success. And whether your competitive drive is powered by internal forces, external ones or a combination of the two, it is absolutely necessary to help propel you forward toward achieving loftier goals. Now, step back for a minute and think about any and all competitive advantages you may have established in your practice. Maybe you understand your market better than anyone else, have tapped into niche markets others haven’t or simply have a longstanding reputation from your years of service. No matter what is on your list, don’t overlook what may be your most important advantage: your relationship with Creative Marketing.

We’ve taken input from our internal vision team of industry-leading Sales Consultants and from producers at all levels, and combined it with the strategic marketing expertise we have in-house to develop and launch the ultimate competitive advantage. Our new Geared platform allows you to access the optimal mix of people, programs, resources and tools to drive results and increase sales. It’s a straightforward process that can help quickly move you from an average producer to an exceptional one and move your business that extra inch to new heights you might have never dreamed possible.


Geared is built upon a solid foundation established through the true business consulting you will receive from your dedicated Sales Consultant. We’re not just talking about a phone call here or an email there to check in and see how you’re doing. Just think of this person as your professional, high-level business consultant – he or she will help you determine where you are, where you want to be and a specific trajectory for getting you to that next level as quickly as possible. My experience has been that for many established producers, that next level isn’t miles away. That’s why your Consultant will work with you one-on-one to complete an in-depth Business Review and identify your specific pain points. It’s not necessarily about making dramatic changes. It could be simply tweaking your business and moving an inch – or even that slight razor’s edge – to achieve an entirely new level of success. It’s our job to help you recognize those opportunities you can’t even see, and then follow up with you quarterly to hold you accountable for conquering them.

Unlike a number of IMOs out there, we recognize that your needs aren’t going to be the same as any other producer’s. With three distinct qualification levels, we can better serve you regardless of whether you are just getting your feet wet in the industry or are a veteran agent looking for advanced strategies and tools to round out your marketing plan. Your Consultant will then help you prioritize six core marketing initiatives that can impact your business most: lead generation, market awareness, referrals, relationship/practice management, professional development and product knowledge. Within these areas of business, we offer highly specialized tools, programs and resources to help you grow your business based on your level qualification.


Those with $500,000 to $1 million of production will qualify for the PACE tier. As a PACE-level producer, familiarize yourself with Creative’s approach to turning salespeople into successful agents and advisors. Not only do we have the resources and support you need to build on what’s working in your practice, we can identify what it is you’ve been missing – and provide exactly that. We’ll find ways to supplement your successes and create a clear path to achieving your goals and objectives. Your dedicated Annuity Sales Development Team is always available to help you make smart decisions and maximize the value of the tools and programs at your disposal.

With $1 million to $2.4 million of production, you can qualify for the ACCELERATE tier. Hit the ground running as you ramp up your marketing efforts to increase awareness in your market and build credibility in your practice. Take advantage of your opportunity to participate in unique referral training from Duncan MacPherson and enhance your knowledge with personalized sales tips provided directly by me. As you develop a powerful and cohesive marketing program, we’ll work with you to define your top priorities and grow your business at a pace that makes sense. Partner with your Annuity Sales Consultant to maintain accountability, stay on track and increase your motivation.

Enjoy a more intimate level of service from Creative in our BREAKAWAY tier with $2.5 million to $4.9 million of production, as we work on your behalf to help execute strategic marketing and communications offerings tailored to your business. With full-service support, we’ll help you streamline your business from submission through issue and turn your clients into clients for life. In addition to your dedicated Annuity Sales Consultant, you’ll have access to a sales administration support team that’s second to none. We’ll help you differentiate yourself from the competition, ensure that your practice operates smoothly and effectively, and establish yourself as an elite financial services professional among your peers.


With Geared, you’ll benefit from personal service and a tailored plan created specifically for how you work and how your business operates. This proprietary program is unlike anything else available in the industry, and it redefines our commitment to the kind of service you should expect from your IMO.

“Geared allows me to slow down and take an in-depth look at a producer’s business to identify pain points and any areas for improvement and go to work with Creative’s resources. It basically creates a unique map that we follow together to get producers to the place they want to be.  I have not seen a more dynamic business development program anywhere.” – Ben Abendroth, Annuity Sales Consultant

Why settle for a “one-size-fits-all” resource when you can get exactly what you need to change the future of your business the way you’ve always wanted? In our business, time is money, so don’t wait to get on track to grow sales and achieve your goals. Contact your Annuity Sales Consultant today to initiate your Business Review and maximize your competitive advantage.

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