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Meet Matt. He Lost But He Ultimately Won.

A story’s worth a million words. Rather than tell you about ChangePath’s effect on a hypothetical firm, we thought we’d show you a real advisor, Matt, talking about what it did for him. Matt Green had $15 million in assets under management (AUM). Then he lost a key operations person. But — as the cliché goes —… Read More

Allianz: Three major items that can impact a client’s retirement

Join us as Cory Zafke of Allianz Life discusses the three major items that can impact a client’s retirement including: Health care Inflation Taxation  

CreativeOne App Gets a Makeover

Remember how we told you about the new CreativeOne mobile app back in July? Well, it just got better. The responsive and mobile-friendly app has recently had a makeover and is now easier than ever to use. After listening to your feedback, we’ve optimized the app with new features and a new layout that helps you… Read More

Risk Control Indices in Fixed Indexed Annuities: 10 Good Reasons to Like Them

Risk-control indices have become the second most popular allocation within fixed indexed annuities—join us for a conversation! We’ll explain how they work and outline reasons why they are a good option in today’s volatile and low-interest-rate market. 10:30 a.m. CDT September 17, 2015 Register now

Social Security Filing Strategies at a Glance


The amount of your Social Security benefits can depend on several factors, including marital status and when you start receiving benefits. That’s why some people use certain filing strategies to potentially enhance the total benefits they’re eligible to collect. In this publication, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America provides an overview of several common… Read More

The Allianz Women, Money, and Power Study

Women today: New roles, new responsibilities, and new financial needs  Despite their rising workforce participation and escalating income, it appears that American women still have major gaps and unmet needs when it comes to achieving comfort and confidence with money. This survey indicates new and changing social dynamics have made the so-called “typical family” anything… Read More

Allianz White Paper

Access Allianz’s white paper “Does your portfolio have too much interest rate risk?”  

Webinar: Mitigating Risks of Inflation-Adjusted Retirement Income

September 19 2013

by CreativeOne -

Annexus Research Institute proudly announces: Mitigating the Four Major Risks of Sustainable Inflation-Adjusted Retirement Income Whitepaper, co-written by Rex Voegtlin, MS, CFP, CAP, CASL and Wade Pfau, Ph.D, CFA. We invite you to be the first to attend the whitepaper webinar hosted by Rex Voegtlin. Rex will focus on the major retirement income shortfalls produced… Read More

Monthly Point-To-Point Strategy Offers High-Earnings Potential Despite Low-Rate Times

Today one of my co-workers in Tailor Made, our elite agent services group at Creative Marketing, Nick Michale sent me the following email: “Mike: Just got my North American annuity statement. I have owned it for five years now. A charter 14. Up until now, the last four years my contract gave me an average… Read More

Protect clients’ income even if inflation increases

For the millions of boomers moving into their golden years, many are quickly discovering the phrase “this isn’t your parents’ retirement” couldn’t be truer. Traditional retirement plans were often built around the three-legged stool concept, supported by pensions, Social Security Income and savings. Yet today, those legs are wobbly at best. Defined benefit plans have… Read More